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We are passionate about Drupal and obsessed with adding significant content to the web. We design, we program, we develop, we comunicate, we teach and blogging.

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Ubuntu Release Party 2014

Software libre

On Saturday May 17th was held the event called "Ubuntu Release Party" event takes place to celebrate the launch of the new version of Ubuntu 14.04. The event will also fail to share themes and Free Software community. The event was held at Chamba co-working.

We had the pleasure of presenting the topic "What is Drupal? " in order to raise awareness of this powerful tool, we work every day, we discussed some of the benefits provided to us and because Drupal can help us a lot to develop . In this event arose the idea of ​​a course, in which the May 24, 31 and June 7, place where you will be supporting our experience developing on Drupal.

We were very happy about the event event met about 150 people mostly young deciosos learn, expect them to be much the events that take place in the remainder of the year.

We believe in free software as a solution and that is important for the development of a society, and continue to support bringing this to our alance.